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Komedija, romantinis

It was at a very young age that Abby found herself experimenting with the gift of art while she practically grew up with her aunt while her parents would travel the world without her. Years later she's living with her friend and co-worker Jessica and has the perfect boyfriend, Sy, who doesn't mind seeing romantic comedies, posing for her artwork, and playing in the snow. But suddenly Abby begins tutoring Jessica's cousin, Quinn, about the world of art and while doing so finds herself torn between what real love is. Can she choose between the perfect boyfriend of her dreams and the fun-loving boy from her humanities class?

8/10. Ha, labai paprasti aktoriai, bet tikrai tokie mieli. Užkabinanti filmas nuo pat pradžių :) Vietomis kvailokas, bet tas kvailumas prideda tik žavesio šiam filmui :) Puiki proga romantiniui filmui.

 Everything You Want
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